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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wish List for Santa

Race fans take heart… if Santa has any of these presents in his bag, 2008 will be a special year in motorsports.

Thanksgiving has passed and now sights are set on Christmas. Everyone has a wish list for the holidays that may include a new house, car, or money. I am no different. However, I have a list for Santa that will appeal to race fans. When we get gifts that are not what we asked for, people can re- gift or return the item. Race fans take heart… if Santa has any of these in his bag, 2008 will be a special year in motorsports.

1. An end to the split between the Indy Racing League and the Champ Car World Series. This has gone on for too long and with NASCAR swiping some of the brightest open wheel stars, this style of racing may soon become insignificant. Think of the entry list for the 2008 Indianapolis 500 if the split is mended.

2. The sanctioning bodies of motorsports mandate the use of 100% ethanol and biodiesel fuel in every series. Global warming is real and racing culture gets negative publicity. The need to assuage the environmental types is paramount.

3. A 2008 championship for Kyle Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing. Busch is one of the most talented drivers in the world and is a treat to watch when things are going his way. A championship would silence his detractors and make Rick Hendrick sorry for getting rid of him. Joe Gibbs is one of America’s greatest sportsmen and a wonderful example of how to compete fiercely and still be a good person.

4. Petty Enterprises’ return to respectability and competitiveness. Bobby Labonte is a great fit for this organization. Petty has hired a new crew chief for Labonte, Jeff Meendering, so things should improve. Petty has the resources to contend for wins, but the chemistry was lacking. Perhaps with a new leader coupled with Labonte’s prowess, Petty Racing blue will be in vogue in 2008.

5. Sebastien Bourdais to immediately win races in F1 with Toro Rosso. Formula 1 has created a stigma regarding American open wheeled racing’s talent level. For some reason, F1 feels that the competition and talent is inferior in the States, which means that drivers in the North American series’ are not taken seriously with only a few exceptions (Villenueve, Montoya, Mario Andretti). Scuderia Toro Rosso has the resources to compete with the top tier teams, so let’s hope that Bourdais is the missing piece in the puzzle.

1 comment:

Mother of a Staunch Race Fan said...

Your list is right on. I wholeheartedly agree about healing the rift between IRL and CART for the good of motorsports.